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Apple and Samsung Outsell Nokia in the Smartphone Market

Smartphones have become preferred mobile devices for many consumers for the variety of tasks they can perform while supplying consumer communication needs. For quite a while, mobile phone company Nokia had commanded a leading share of the smartphone market. However, this has now changed with Nokia falling down to third place. During the second quarter, Nokia was eclipsed by both Apple and Samsung. Apple obtained 19% of the market and Samsung received 18%.

smartphone market

Many analysts, when looking at the phone data, noticed trends that showed the amount of growth experienced by Samsung is at a much higher rate than that of Apple. Apple had phenomenonal success when it moved into the smartphone market four years earlier. Many predict that in the future Samsung will eventually exceed the market share of Apple, making it the top company.

In 2010, Nokia had impressive stats when it was able to ship over 100 million smartphone during the year. During that time, Nokia has obtained over 30% of the share. Many attribute Nokia’s decline to the waiting period as Nokia transitions to Windows Phone 7. Also, many people want contract phones with the Android operating system. Overall, 46% of smartphones sold use the Android Operating System. Of these, the majority were made by Samsung. With the continued thirst of consumers for Android devices, Samsung is assured future gains.

On the bright side, even if Nokia has taken a drop in their share of the smartphone market, they continue to command the top spot as the number one mobile phone producers. Overall, Nokia shipped out over 24% of the mobile phones with Samsung following behind with a 19% share. LG and Apple both came in third and fourth respectfully. However, many are looking at the increased usage of smartphones as being more in demand than traditional mobile phones.

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