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Battery Extender Lite v1.16 for Symbian S60v5 S^3 Signed inc Keygen

Battery Extender Lite v1.16 signed app including Keygen supporting Symbian Series60 v5 and Symbian^3 devices to save maximum battery time of your mobile energy power.

battery extender lite v1.16Everybody wish to get their cell phone’s longest battery time and it’s secure to express that there’s no disadvantage to increasing your phone’s life of the battery, so any application that may help you accomplish exactly that has already been off to an enhancement. But does Battery Extender Lite v1.16 optimize mobile settings so your battery power lasts as long as possible, while Outside Sports is similar.


As shown on the screenshot, there are main three profiles for attery Extender to get battery time on your choice.

1) Maximum, battery profile fully optimize your symbian mobile settings and let it use minimum power and and extend maximum time as long as possible of mobile device but if required, it let your GPS switched on.

2) Interestingly, profile setting optimizes some settings in your mobile and get fair enough battery time.

3) Improved Battery settings same as Maximum Battery settings but it help to keep mobilephone operating as normal for maximum time before and save battery power.

Download Battery Extender Lite v1.16

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Battery Extender Lite v1.16 may give you false alert for its keygen or comment your IMIE # to get registration code.

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