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Battery Monitor v2.1 Nokia Signed App for S60v5 and S^3 Mobiles

Battery Monitor v2.1 updated after v2.0 follow up to v1.3 Nokia App re-written in QT supporting Symbian Anna / Belle and 5th Edition Mobiles displays battery charge level on homescreen widget or full view estimating remaining usage time and charging time while its being charged.

Battery Monitor v2.1

As showing in the screenshots, its clearly showing the battery health analyzing estimated statics of power saving meters with recent energy usage information for different apps including remaining time being consumed by every application separately. There is also an application Battery Extender Lite to increase your battery life.

Download Battery Monitor v2.1

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Nokia Battery Monitor v2.1 updated application version supports all S60v5 Mobiles and Symbian S^3 / Anna / Belle devices.

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