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Birdy Nam Nam v1.1.3 Updated Signed Game for Symbian^3 – Anna – Belle

Birdy Nam Nam v1.1.3 a newer Updated released version today, Signed Game for Symbian^3 – Anna – Belle Smartphones.
Birdy Nam Nam v1.1.3

Behind the scene, a group of Arabic scientists experimented a new drug on chickens to make the them man’s best friend as pet birds to help men clean their house, do the dishes and laundry, cook healthy meals. But something went awfully inappropriate wrong. The drug had a side effect which made the chickens extreme aggressive, human hater and killing machines! First they slaughtered the scientists and fled the laboratories and started out penetrating Dubai, throwing their toxic eggs all over the place. They will never stop until you control them / fight them and success the mission.

Bird Nam Nam is an easy game where you have to tapping on the chickens flying all around on your smartphone screen to blow them up and shoot them to safe mens from their bad eggs.

Update in v1.1.3:
This newer version update includes 19 well drafted and thought levels having different Arabic country i.e. KSA, UAE, Beirut, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Qatar, etc. Each level feature their own weapons, ammunition and type of people. Some levels need accuracy, some require quickness, other need focus, but all having100% guaranteed real fun, laughters and enjoyment of playing.

Download Birdy Nam Nam v1.1.3

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Birdy Nam Nam v1.1.3 tested on Symbian^3 / Anna / Belle (Nokia N8 – Nokia E7 – Nokia C6-01 – Nokia X7) Touch Smartphones.

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