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Bomberman Latest Game Symbian S60v5 Nokia Mobiles

Bomberman Latest Game Symbian S60v5 Nokia Mobile Phones


Bomberman Latest Game Symbian S60v5 Nokia Mobile Phones. Bomberman is back and has to fight his way through 50 exciting levels full of enemies and goodies! The best mobile Bomberman to date includes two different styles of play:

  • Bomberman Classic: The great arcade version of the game, known to gamers around the globe.
  • Bomberman Supreme: Builds on the classic gameplay and add exciting features on top of it: Advance graphics, beginner and pro mode and boss stages.

Use the touch screen to control the game. In regular stages, destroy all enemies and find the exit to advance to the next round. In boss stages destroy the boss: Stay clear of his mean weapons and beat him with your tactics! Bomberman has two skill modes to go with your game experience. Novice mode works like a regular Bomberman game: Once you collect an item it is automatically used. When you lose a life, extra bomb, extra firepower and speed-up items will remain but you will lose any special items collected. Bomberman is Latest Nokia Symbian touch screen Mobiles Game which support all Modals of Symbian60v 5th Edition Mobiles.

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