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Easiest Way to Sign Unsigned Symbian .Sis Files with RootSign

We have already discussed How to Signing Un-Signed .Sis Symbian Files for your mobile phones and trying to bring all the way to making possible signing any unsigned files required cer & key files more easier for you. Here is another and easiest way to Sign UnSigned Symbian .Sis files with few clicks using BinPDA RootSign v1.00 Security Manager.

root signStep 1) First Download the BinPDA Security Manager File link below and install it on your PC. Then after executing the Root Sign v1.0.

sign unsigned apps

Step 2) Now select your required Un-Signed Symbian Installation file and click Open.

sign certificateStep 3)  If it shows File Signing Has been Successful message then you are done.

Download BinPDA Security Manger Sign Tool

Download  –  Download Mirror

Note: Unsigned Application Signing procedure should be done one time only.

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