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Flash Image GUI v1.5.2 Android

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: No more recovery mode or adb required to flash kernels, boot logos and recoveries! Flash custom kernels, logos and recoveries all from one convenient android application.

No more restoration technique or adb needed to display popcorn kernels, start images and recoveries! Flash customized popcorn kernels, images and recoveries all from one practical android operating system program.

Application shows the present kernel and edition packed on the unit. Gives two practical choices when blinking the kernel to also clean the dalvik storage cache and the storage cache partition. and are typical locations to discover customized popcorn kernels, images and recoveries.

For customers of particular gadgets such as the HTC EVO 3D and HTC Vivid/Holiday and have had to use the HTC Discover technique, this program creates blinking ROMs and kernel simpler!
Before running a ROM, first display the kernel part of the ROM using this program, then restart straight to restoration technique and display the relax of the ROM.
No more having to use fastboot via USB to fill the kernel part of a ROM on the HTC unlock technique.

Hope to proceed including assistance for extra phones!

PLEASE do not use content in the market/leave adverse reviews regarding problems, problems or concerns. Please e-mail me using the details in the marketplace, or get in touch with me on XDA, SDX or on IRC!!

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Download Flash Image GUI v1.5.2

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