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Hot Shot Darts Symbian S60v5 Nokia Mobiles Game

Hot Shot Darts Symbian S60v5 Nokia Mobiles Latest Game

Hot Shot Darts

Hot Shot Darts Symbian S60v5 Nokia Mobile Phones Latest Game. Welcome to GOSUB 60′s Hot Shot Hot Shot D.A.R.T.S., the most exciting darts game available. You will find this a fun, unique, and challenging darts experience. Hot Shot D.A.R.T.S. has seven different darts variations you can play, including the standard 301 and 501 as well as Cricket, Baseball, Golf, and Around the World.

Specific rules for each of these games can be found in the Rules section. Each of these games can be played individually, as part of a career, or with up to 3 friends using the Pass-N-Play mode. More on careers can be found in Career Mode section, and help for Pass-N-Play can be found in Pass-N-Play section.

The dartboard has 20 different scoring sections, numbered 1 through 20, and a bullseye. Each of these scoring sections, with the exception of the bullseye, is further divided into two single wedges, a double ring, and a triple. Darts that hit one of the single wedges score whatever the number of the section is, so a dart that hits in the single wedge of the 20 section scores a 20.

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