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How To Update Firmware on Nokia Mobiles via Nokia PC Suite

Mobile Firmware is a fixed software programs that operate internally and control mobile phones responsible for interaction their various hardware parts coded with very basic low-level operations without a device is not workable.

Firmware Update let your mobile phone firmware software upgrades bring new features and remove minor bugs in previous versions to your cell phone. Latest Firmware also improve speed & performance of your mobile devices. You must read Top 10 Reasons to Update Firmware to know its importance.

This short tutorial will guide you How to Backup, Flash, Restore Mobile Data and Update Firmware on Nokia Mobiles via Nokia PC Suite in few steps. Symbian Anna users should read Step by Step – How to Software Update on Symbian Anna Devices.

Step 1:

First of all you need to download the latest Nokia PC Suite version from this Download Link and install it on your computer which will easily back up, flash older firmware then install latest firmware from Nokia Software Updater and restore your cell phone data.

nokia pc suiteStep 2:

Now connect your cellphone via data cable came with your phone box and Nokia PC Suite which will automatically detect your phone will provide you the option for Nokia Content Copier use for create backup of your contents before flashing the old firmware replacing with new version.

Note: Make sure all your data is backuped properly because flashing firmware delete your everything like contacts, sms etc.
nokia content copier
Step 3:

Now start the Nokia Software Updater in Nokia PC Suite software which will detect your phone model and search from Nokia database for the required newer version if available then will auto start the updating process. It will first downloads the new firmware, then flash the older version with newer one will take only a few minutes.

nokia software updater

Remember: Before starting the process, ensure that your cell phone is fully charged and don’t  receive any phone calls during upgrading.

Step 4:

After the firmware process has been successfully completed, your mobile phone will automatically restarted with new updated firmware.

Now you can restore all the data by Step 2, Nokia Content Copier by restore backup option to restore the data.

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