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Ingraal BlueRadar v1.10 Cracked S^3/S60v5 SymbianOS9.1

Ingraal BlueRadar v1.10 Cracked S^3/S60v5  SymbianOS9.1 For Nokia Mobile Phone



  • Applications Late for your classes and cannot discover the classroom without knocking at each door ?
  • Lost your partner in the shopping center and he/she doesn’t hear youare calling
    him/her ?
  • Overlooked someone you’re waiting for in the airport or that the gym has passing by ?
  • Want to be warned whenever your boss is approaching your working environment?
  • Or, do you want to take part in the old “hide and seek” in a new exciting way? (E.g. identify a mystery person whose cell phone you are able to discover?)
  • This is where BlueRadar can help you.
  • BlueRadar quickly detects a bluetooth device even if the device is not in the discoverable (public) mode and notifies you when it is near. It is just enough if the mobile phoneor other device of the person you want to trace has bluetooth switched on.

Download For Ingraal.BlueRadar.v1.10

Download  –  Alternate

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