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Joikusoft JoikuSpot Light v3.20(1142) S60v3/S60v5/S^3 (Signed)

Joikusoft JoikuSpot Light v3.20 (1142) S60v3/S60v5/S^3 Mobiles Application  (Signed)

joikusoft joikuspot light joikusoft joikuspot light s60

There are millions and millions of WiFi (WLAN) internet sessions made by “JoikuSpotting”. JoikuSpotting is the fastest, easiest, most dependable and price efficient way to establish WiFi Internet anywhere, by simply connecting a laptop to the internet via WiFi using mobile phone’s 3G. JoikuSpot is a software product which installs to a mobile phone allowing you to turn your cell phone into a secured WiFi HotSpot! JoikuSpot enables “1-click internet”. 1 click to turn a phone to a WiFi internet gateway, and the other click in the laptop to connect to the web via JoikuSpot WiFi access point. (Scan available WiFi networks, discover JoikuSpot, and click “connect”.) JoikuSpot enables you to connect multiple devices in parallel to the web. It is simple to secure your web connection, and also use to access secured corporate intrawebs. You have access to your Outlook and Gmail and other email clients via your JoikuSpot connection.  All settings (like WiFi network naming, security settings and default access point) are adjustable in JoikuSpot. There is no forced default website landing page in Premium Edition. Premium has got the best performance and connection quality, and auto-reconnects to 3G if the connection is dropped to e.g. 2G temporarily. You can effectively replace Bluetooth, MiFi, cable, USB modems and external WiFi HotSpots with JoikuSpot and save money, time and hassle.  After all, you always have your phone with you  Where ever you may be, you will have WiFi internet.

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