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Mobile Phone Virus and Malware Types

A mobile virus is an electronic virus that targets mobile phones transfer via bluetooth, iRDA or WiFi. There are many Anti-Virus Mobile Applications to secure against these virus electronic attacks but its really difficult as they attack everytime with new techniques.

mobile virusBefore we read all type of mobile viruses and malwares below are some prominent mobile virus details attacking and effecting mobile phones now a days.

  • Cabir: A dangerous type of mobile virus infects Symbian Operating System mobile phones attack displaying a message ‘Caribe’ on mobile screen every time the phone is turned on. This worm then try to enter in other phones using wireless Bluetooth signals.
  • Duts: Its like a mobile bloodsucker, a small predator virus file in mobile phone infect by attempting to EXE files bigger than 4MB in the current directory.
  • Skulls: This is a type of trojan horse piece of code called mobile skulls. If you download it once, it replaces all phone HomeScreen / Menu icons with images of a skull. Sometimes it may also target all mobile phone applications, including SMS and Multimedia Messages.
  • Commwarrior: This is a type of virus attack through MMS messages and spread to all other devices as well as attack other mobiles via Bluetooth. Mostly it attack Symbian OS Series 60 3rd Edition, 5th Edition and Symbian^3 mobiles. Commwarrior is an executable worm file. If launched, it hunts all other accessible Bluetooth devices and transfer the infected mobile virus files with various names.

Note: To save your mobile phones from viruses, always switch off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when they are not in used.

Files downloaded from and before uploading for users fully scanned, tested and TRUSTED.

Latest Mobile Virus and Malware Types:

Bellow are complete list of latest mobile phone virus and Malwaretype of mobile viruses. The mobile virus worm types data collected tracking 31 distinct mobile malware families. The below table shows the main characteristics for each family.

Name Date OS Functionality Tech. used varnts
Worm.SymbOS.Cabir June 2004 Symbian Spreads via Bluetooth Bluetooth 15
Virus.WinCE.Duts July 2004 Windows CE Infects files (File API) 1
Backdoor.WinCE.Brador August 2004 Windows CE Provides remote network access (NetworkAPI) 2
Trojan.SymbOS.Mosquit August 2004 Symbian Sends SMS messages SMS 1
Trojan.SymbOS.Skuller November 2004 Symbian Replaces files, icons, system applications OS vulnerability 31
Worm.SymbOS.Lasco January 2005 Symbian Spreads via Bluetooth, infects files Bluetooth, File API 1
Trojan.SymbOS.Locknut February 2005 Symbian Installs corrupted applications OS vulnerability 2
Trojan.SymbOS.Dampig March 2005 Symbian Replaces system applications OS vulnerability 1
Worm.SymbOS.ComWar March 2005 Symbian Spreads via Bluetooth and MMS, infects files Bluetooth, MMS, File API 7
Trojan.SymbOS.Drever March 2005 Symbian Replaces antivirus application loaders OS vulnerability 4
Trojan.SymbOS.Fontal April 2005 Symbian Replaces font files OS vulnerability 8
Trojan.SymbOS.Hobble April 2005 Symbian Replaces system applications OS vulnerability 1
Trojan.SymbOS.Appdisabler Ìàé 2005 Symbian Replaces system applications OS vulnerability 6
Trojan.SymbOS.Doombot May 2005 Symbian Replaces system applications, èíñòàëëÿöèÿ Comwar OS vulnerability 17
Trojan.SymbOS.Blankfont July 2005 Symbian Replaces font files OS vulnerability 1
Trojan.SymbOS.Skudoo August 2005 Symbian Installs damaged applications, installs Cabir, Skuller, Doombor OS vulnerability 3
Trojan.SymbOS.Singlejump August 2005 Symbian Disables system functions, replaces icons OS vulnerability 5
Trojan.SymbOS.Bootton August 2005 Symbian Installs damaged applications, installs Cabir OS vulnerability 2
Trojan.SymbOS.Cardtrap September 2005 Symbian Deletes antivirus files, replaces system applications, installs Win32 malware on memory cards OS vulnerability 26
Trojan.SymbOS.Cardblock October 2005 Symbian Blocks memory cards, deletes folders OS vulnerability, File API 1
Trojan.SymbOS.Pbstealer November 2005 Symbian Steals data Bluetooth, File API 5
Trojan-Dropper.SymbOS.Agent December 2005 Symbian Installs other malicious programs OS vulnerability 3
Trojan-SMS.J2ME.RedBrowser February 2006 J2ME Sends SMS Java, SMS 2
Worm.MSIL.Cxover March 2006 Windows Mobile/ .NET Deletes files, copies its body to other devices File (API), NetWork (API) 1
Worm.SymbOS.StealWar March 2006 Symbian Steals data, spreads via Bluetooth and MMS Bluetooth, MMS, File (API) 5
Email-Worm.MSIL.Letum March 2006 Windows Mobile/ .NET Spreads via email Email, File (API) 3
Trojan-Spy.SymbOS.Flexispy April 2006 Symbian Steals data 2
Trojan.SymbOS.Rommwar April 2006 Symbian Replaces system applications OS vulnerability 4
Trojan.SymbOS.Arifat April 2006 Symbian 1
Trojan.SymbOS.Romride June 2006 Symbian Replaces system applications OS vulnerability 8
Worm.SymbOS.Mobler.a August 2006 Symbian Deletes antivirus files, replaces system applications, spreads via memory card OS vulnerability 1

All SymbianOS users must have Mobile Anti-Virus (Free Download Here) to save your mobile phones from all type of mobile viruses.

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