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New Method to Kill Certificate & Key Files Sign Error Forever

Everyone having Symbian S60v5, S^3, Anna, Belle devices some times need to sign their apps / games before installing using Certificate & Key files for their mobiles which you could generate following Get Cer & Key File Tutorial or hack custom firmware using HelloOX 2 Hacking Tool (White need your mobile Cer & Key files to sign which sometimes not available) or various other Sign Tools.

symbian hackingNow this new latest technique where you will No Need of Cer & Key Files to sign your apps following below method with the help of DrWeb 6 Antivirus app, would help to inject RomPatcher driver files into your mobile drive C:/Sys/Bin (which may not accessible in Symbian Devices by you as its restricted) so we gonna unlock C:/Sys/Bin folder using Rom Patcher’s OPEN4ALL patch and then we will move Installserver.exe into C:/Sys/Bin using X-plore File Manager to Kill Certificate & Key Errors and restrictions for installing any unsigned .sis appz.

Note: All the tools using this Tutorial are included in the download pack found end of the post.

How to:

Lets know How to Hack SymbianOS9.x S60v5,  S^3 (PR 1.0, 1.1, 1.2), Latest Symbian Anna (PR 2.0) and Symbian Belle (PR 3.0) SmartPhones:

  1. Connect phone with PC / Memory Card to card-reader or any media where you can access private folder.
    1. If you will use E: drive for mass storage, or memory card in your mobile phone without mass storage memory) use available in download package.
    2. If you will use F: drive for memory card in devices with mass storage memory) use avaliable in download package.
  2. Following above step, now unzip archive to E:/ drive mass memory OR F:/ Memory card.
  3. Install DrWeb6 mobile anti-virus Available in download package.
    1. Open Dr. Web6 antivirus application.
    2. Go to Options – Quarantine
    3. Go Options – Select all
    4. Go Options – Restore
    5. RomPacther drivers now in c:\sys\bin folder
  4. Now install ( file from Downloaded zip package.
  5. Launch RomPatcher+ then apply Open4all patch.
  6. Now you can access all folders even private un-accessible folders in your mobile memory.
  7. Finally, apply installserver patch found in web installserver.exe which latest may need installing all sis applications without any certificate & key restrictions.

Download Kill Certificate & Key Package

Download  –  Alternate Download

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20 Responses to New Method to Kill Certificate & Key Files Sign Error Forever

  1. teja

    hi dude will this works for nokia e63

  2. Gautam

    Hey thanks i installed the Rom Patcher

  3. manakumar


    • admin

      The last 3 steps as below. I am trying to explain briefly.

      First launch RomPatcher+ in your mobile phone then apply Open4all patch application.

      Now you can access all folders. Even private and un-accessible folders in your mobile memory can easily accessible.

      Finally, apply installserver patch found in web installserver.exe folder which sometimes may need to installing sis applications / games to avoid any certificate & key restrictions error.

  4. seijidinzuala

    this method is good & works superb fine.

  5. venkatesan

    thanks for your moderate work on this for Symbian OS users. I appreciate your excellent work and continue to put your effort on 3d games cracking.

    Thanks & bi.

  6. hari.P

    hi evrione.can any one pls reply my doubt.
    if i do this method of hacking ,do i lose my mobile warranty.because i bought it before two months.pls reply soon.

  7. hari.P

    can u pls tel me whether if i do this method ,wil i lose my mobile warranty?

  8. mortazafayyazii

    plz mi sign 353403040452194

  9. Marko

    Can somebody please put the whole instruction how to instal c sys on mobile step by step because i am stupid and cant istall it my imei is 354859045131456 so if anyone has time i would be ver thankful

  10. Aseem

    thanxxxxxxxxxxxxx…. it worked..,.!!!!!!!!!

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