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Nokia X6 Firmware v40.0.002 Finally Updated with Changelogs

So finally long waited Nokia X6 Firmware v40.0.002 also updated available to download in Italy, Europ and around the world replacing its previous version 32.0.002 with official changelogs.

Nokia X6

This Nokia X6 newer version 40.0.002 firmware can be updated over OTA (Over-The-Air), Nokia Software Updater or Nokia Ovi Suite.  Please always keep update your mobile’s firmware, it can solve many of your mobile problems sometimes and improve its performance approved by Nokia. You must know the Top 10 Reasons to Update your Firmware.

Note: Please always backup your data before updating new firmware.

Nokia X6 v40.0.0.002 Firmware for Symbian may take some time to available for your region.

Nokia X6 firmware


  • Symbian Browser v7.3.1.33
  • Supports International Domain Names (IDNs)
  • Nokia Maps v3.06
  • Supports non-ASCII letters as Arabic or Chinese Such
  • Gives a better overall browsing experience



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