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Pot Sign Tool for Free S60v5 Sis Files Applications / Games

Sign Tool for them who using Symbian 60v5 OS9.4 Smartphones and suffer their applications / games sign error so here is How to Sign your S60v5 Apps / Games using Pot Sign Tools allow you to sign Free S60v5 Sis Files.

sign tool for sis / sisx symbian games / applications

Note: Certificate and Key files are generated via your cell phone IMEI # and are unique for every. Learn How to Get Free Certificate, Key Files Online.

How to:

1) Some applications / games downloaded online also provide certificate and key, so  by requesting via comments here.

2) Download the Sign Tools from the link located end of the post and fill up the required form.

3) Open the POT Sign Tools in the rar file and brows or drag your unsigned sis/sisx app / game file which gives you certificate error on installation.

4) Now brows / drag your certificate and key files (i.e. CER and KEY files) for your symbian60v5 device (Read the note above for key & cer files)

5) Remove “0000” from the Key Password Field and make it empty.

6) After completing all above fields, click on the Sign Sis Files button at the footer which will sign your unsigned sis/sisx files to ready them for installation on your s60 device.

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Click Below to Download Pot Sign Tool

Download  -OR-  Download Mirror

If you need Certificate or Key file for Sis Signer, get it via How to Get Free Certificate, Key Files Online or ask via comment sending your IMIE Code.

We will also keep adding other sign tools links and tutorials.

16 Responses to Pot Sign Tool for Free S60v5 Sis Files Applications / Games

  1. Safikul

    Hi, Pls provide me a certificate. I downloaded Avatar HD for my N97 but its not working. My IMEI# is 354225032072287. Thanx for support

  2. Vernon

    Please provide cert and key for nokia 5230, imei 351988042528258. Thanks

  3. Sudeep Murmu

    Cer & Key for:-
    Nokia 5233
    Thank You Admin.

  4. Sudeep Murmu

    Please provide me fast…

  5. hitesh

    give cert and key imei 356252044031125

  6. Ajith

    Hey, my imei is 354845044101483 pls give me certificate key

  7. malik sajjad

    please admin send cert & key for
    Sony Ericsson Satio.
    please brother send to me at..
    Thanks Admin..

  8. Ridita kapoor

    Help, bro opda is down.i registered 5 weeks before but it is still being produced. i think this method of hacking is stopped from this year. opda & other certificate providers are fake. wtf! you make us fool!

  9. Ridha

    Cer & Key for:-
    Nokia 5233
    Thank You Admin.

  10. craig

    Cer & Key For
    NOKIA N8
    Imei :355944044434751

    could you please email them to me please @
    Thanks Admin 😀

  11. Venkatesan, INDIA

    please admin send cert & key for

    NOKIA 5233

    IMEI : 352000043598592


  12. Arjun

    Nokia 5230
    Please provide cer&key for me
    my Email
    thank you

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