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Puzzle Retreat v1.5

Requirements: 2.1 and up

Escape to the Puzzle Retreat and immerse yourself in this unique block-sliding puzzle game from

“I assurance you will love the experience.” — “So intelligent and so well-made, why wasn’t it created a billion dollars years ago?” — “A new kind of task activity — one that is refreshingly zen.” — “The second I started enjoying I was enchanted” — “Puzzle Getaway is for everyone.” — Closed off the outside globe. Rest, chill out and concentrate with a new kind of task that is both easy to learn and compellingly strong. Puzzle Getaway is a clean task that will have you dropping track of your energy and energy and effort and failing to remember about the outside globe.











The guidelines are simple:

  • Glide prevents to complete all the gaps in the lines
  • Use all the prevents The task comes from working out the correct order to slip the prevents and really security up with the addition of special prevents such as Flame Blocks, Stop Blocks and Pointer Blocks, which change the route of moving prevents.
  • No deadlines, no stress, just you and the task
  • Trapped on a task – just move to the next and come back later
  • 50 questions to fix for free
  • Additional questions can be bought inside the app.
  • Link with other task fans – talk about questions and techniques straight in-game
  • Decorative for product and intelligent phone

Download Puzzle Retreat v1.5

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