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Rubik’s Cube Puzzle Game Symbian S60v5 Nokia Mobiles

Rubik’s Cube Puzzle Game Symbian S60v5 Nokia Mobiles

Rubiks Cube

Rubik’s Cube Puzzle Latest Game Symbian S60v5 Nokia Mobiles. Very famous Rubik’s cube puzzle game is now available for your Symbian S60v 5th edition touch screen mobiles (Nokia 5800 , N97, N97 Mini, X6, 5230 , 5233 and 5530 )

All you can do with this game is – solve the Rubik’s cube puzzle. Following are the instructions

  • In order to rotate a face of the cube, you have to press in that face and do a movement in the direction you want to rotate. You only can rotate one of 3 faces each time. To move other faces, you have to rotate the whole cube.
  • In order to rotate the entire cube to view other faces, you have to press and move the pointer outside the cube. You can move vertically or horizontally depending on the main component of your movement in the x,y axis. Once you release the pointer the cube stay in the normalized position closest to actual rotation, i.e. the cube rotates allways a entire number of 90º degrees

This version of Rubik’s Cube game is very basic and will become more advance in next releases as the developer is committed to provide more features to this game like-

  • Save and restore the cube position for later continuing.
  • Improve gestual movements.
  • Rotating cube in z axis.
  • Button for solving the cube.
  • Rotating faces in real time, i.e. same time the user moves the pencil.

Download Rubik’s Cube Puzzle:

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