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SisContents PC App to Unpack Edit and Sign Symbian Sis Files

SISContents PC Tool application allow to unpack, edit and sign Symbian SIS files supporting Nokia Symbian60v3 and Symbian60v5 platforms. It help to inspect the files contained in SIS files package, to check their certification and view where it was signed the script for its installation process.


Siscontent can read validity period, issuer, subject, etc., unpack, edit and inspect the content and show the sis packages information even modify the name, vendor, version. It can extract embedded scripts and components of sis packages including certificates and signatures and can save installation PKG script. You may also use SIS Signer for signing your apps.

Download SisContents PC Tool

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SisContents supported with Windows XP, 2003, Serve, Windows Vista and ServerWindows 7

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