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Skate Boarding Symbian S60v5 Nokia Mobiles Latest Game

Skate Boarding Symbian S60v5 Nokia Mobiles Latest Game

Skate Boarding

Skate Boarding Symbian S60v5 Nokia Mobile Phones Latest Game. Tony Hawk Vert V1.0 is a Java game for Symbian S60 5th edition mobiles. This game works in full screen mode and its a complete touch game.

Tony Hawk Vert is a skateboarding game. There are two ways of playing this game, choose between Challenges and Free Ride. Challenges are the best way of learning the game. The first challenge is to complete the tutorial! As you complete challenges you will unlock new locations.

In Free Ride there are no objectives. You are just trying to get the hightest score you can without falling over. Fall over 3 times and it is game over. There are different gameplays:

  • Half-Pipe: Tap the arrows on the LEFT or RIGHT of the screen to move sideways on the ramp, in the air and during balancing tricks. To do grinds or 5-0 and balance tricks on the ramp tap the arrows on the LEFT. RIGHT and ABOVE or BELOW the screen just before you reach the lip. You can only do these tricks at low speed.
  • Mini Games: There are two different games: Star Reporter and Crowd Teaser. In Star Reporter, Aim the camera tapping the arrows on the LEFT, RIGHT, ABOVE and BELOW the screen. Shoot pictures the OK button. You will get higher score for catching the harder tricks and if the skater is fully visible.

In Crowd Teaser, watch the crowd to see what trick they want you to do, then you must use the ordinary controls to do that trick! If you get stuck try playing a few Free Rides until you are more familiar with the trick names.

Download Skate Boarding:

Download  –  Alternate

Note: Make sure you off the on-screen keyboard before launching this game on your mobile.

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