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SPP SlideUnlock S60v5/S^3 Anna Belle Unsigned.

Slideunlock is a exclusive moving discover system for your system ,including many program operate such as simply click to unlock/lock,block indicator unlock/lock,shaking the phoneunlock/lock,idle automated secure.
Rich and different discover themes will make your cell phone most character,there are also various utlity strategies on the closed display, so you can release the program straight from it .
It’s completely personalized and easy touse .
Full edition.
No need value sign-up.

obtain this epidermis and duplicate themes from the old edition and then modify the name, the issue is easy when you set up the new edition the old standard epidermis was changed by deafault of the new edition, benefits xplorer, duplicated themes deault and relabel it into deafult2 (to help with the same name as the old version)
So you obtain this epidermis, draw out it, duplicate the Sources directory deault2 :/ information / Slideunlock_Ovi/Skin11
Then go to Settings> Interface> SkinStylePkg> select deault2 is ok, there’s nothing challenging ^ ^, then totally able to modify the name and still get the standard epidermis to 6.0.2


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