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Top 10 Reasons to Update Nokia Firmware SymbianOS 9.4 Smartphones

As some people already experienced on launch of few Symbian5th Edition smartphones using Symbian OS 9.4 having bugs and issues on their launch, and such mobiles required firmware update to fix the basics to sorting the bugs for better & improved performance.

Symbian 60v5 firmware update

One of the great thing about the Nokia S60v5 devices (Symbian^1, Symbian^2, Symbian^3) using OS9.4 are constantly being improved. Nokia’s latest Firmware updates allow to fix problems, add extra features, and comes with lots of improvements time by time. So there are lots reasons to keep update your firmware as below.

Nokia working hard to constantly to improving their smartphones, so each firmware update comes with many known bug fixes.

Every Firmware updates also bring additional new features. So always update your smartphone with some extra feature.

Costs & Size
Sometimes when firmware update comes with extra features are particularly big in size in addition to fixing bugs and offering better performance and almost free.

OTA (Over the Air)
There are many different ways to upgrade your firmware offered by Nokia on your Symbian Device and one of the easiest way via OTA (Over the air), which you can do just within your smartphone itself.

NSU (Nokia Software Updater)
NSU is another option to download the latest firmware keep update you about the latest firmware releases using NSU and your PC, which also let you save money on data costs transferring firmware via USB cable.

Check for updates
So if you know the worth checking for the latest firmware updates for your smartphone. The easiest way is to dial *#0000# followed by Options and Check for Updates.

Symbian OS Updates
Symbian ^1, ^2 & ^3 are brand new OS, with lots of things that can be made better by updating firmware which allow you Nokia to improve its operating system as time goes on.

If you keep checking and update your smartphone firmware, your cellphone will get better performance boost Speed along with fixes for bugs and additional features.

Being an operating system, Symbian devices have odd issues when it comes to stability, occasionally crashing so Firmware updates can help and bringing more stable software.

Never forget to backup your files & contact details before updating to the latest firmware because in case anything goes wrong during the update.

6 Responses to Top 10 Reasons to Update Nokia Firmware SymbianOS 9.4 Smartphones

  1. adnan

    Looking forward to QWERTY keyboard in portrait mode in upcoming firmware update with high quality of Youtube videos like iPhone 3G.

  2. Hans Wurst

    I hope it´s possible with 5800 – really interesting update

  3. Sivanantha141

    I need 5800 os update

  4. arman

    i am currently update my phone’s firmware but still nothing change in theme effect. Still i cant enjoy thdme effect. Any one have any idea on it

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