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Video Recording Compare Nokia N8 Symbian^4 Xeon v1.5 vs N8 Anna Belle

As we have updated earlier about the release of new Symbian version 1.5 S^4 Xeon custom firmware, that brings a preview of Belle on Symbian Graphics / Camera phones by Nokia. I have seen a video which comparing the video recording simultaneously by two Nokia N8 Smartphones in Symbian Anna (original version) and Symbian v1.5 S^4 Xeon custom firmware installed.

s^4 Xeon Firmware

The videos were shot with the same settings and as you can see the differences are really minimal. The only difference between N8 Mobiles in the video is the dimension 2: shot with what Anna is 285 MB while the shot with Fine Xeon S ^ 4 is 336 MB. All this is normal since the N8 with Symbian Anna records to 9350 kbps and a frequency of 24 fps while recording at 11081kbps with Belle and a frequency of 29 fps.

Symbian Version 1.5 of the S ^ 4 Xeon custom firmware brings a number of other improvements and bug fixes. We will update it very soon with complete changelogs.

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