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Windows Server Certifications are Available to Microsoft Technology Specialists

Technology specialists in search of a certification to earn can find many available in the Windows Server IT field. A single Microsoft exam is needed to earn a certification in a specified technology. Each exam focuses on the features of the technology, along with its configuration and implementation in an environment. Experience working with the program will greatly benefit your performance on the exam, as most questions will be practical in nature, but it is not required; training, however, through such resources as Microsoft training courses and TestsLive practice tests is required for adequate support of the knowledge at hand.

windows server
Participants can earn the Microsoft MCTS certification in three categories of Windows Server 2008: Active Directory, Network Infrastructure, and Applications Infrastructure. A certification can also be earned in the Small Business Server 2011, Essential Business Server 2008, HPC Server 2008, and Windows Internals. Most of the core information is carried throughout every exam, but the application of those processes and specific program/server technicalities will be specific to each technology. Earning multiple Microsoft Windows Server MCTS certifications is definitely option you might want to consider, especially if you do possess numerous years working with any of the above technologies.

Taking the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 exams can also give you an edge when trying to earn certification in the cloud-based area of Microsoft IT, as upgrade exams are possible for the Microsoft MCSA certification. Although these exams deal only with the configuration of the technology, and not the creation and implementation of solutions, crossover may be inevitable as the landscape of IT continues to grow and evolve. With a Windows Server certification, you can put yourself ahead and on a great career path.

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