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World Flags Interesting S60v5 Mobiles Game

World Flags Interesting Symbian60v5th Nokia Mobiles Game

World Flags Game

World Flags Interesting Knowledge Increasing S60v5 Nokia Mobiles Game.World Flags is an interesting Java game for Symbian S60 5th touch screen mobile phones. Do you know the flags of all the countries of the world? Or even do you know their capitals? So test yourself! The game World flags will test your knowledge, and while playing, you will learn the flags and capitals of all the countries of the world.
Developed by Inlogic Software, this game will give you chance to prove your knowledge about countries and their flags. Inlogic Software makes very simple games and this one too is very simple. All you need to do is to click on a flag which you feel is the correct one.
Till you click on the right answer, the stage will not clear.

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